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  Zissou  (@ZeusZissou on twitter)

Zissou (@ZeusZissou on twitter)

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Fatih (@FatihSK87 on twitter)

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collapz (@collapzcursed on twitter)



Market Insights

USC Group provides detailed analysis and market insights into the often confusing world of crypto assets and digital currencies. Our market insights are offered both on-demand and by incentive of the USC team.

Technical Analysis

Our in-house technical experts deliver extensive technical analysis to help you gain better understanding of the methodology behind confirming potential buy signals & entry/exit targets, helping you gain invaluable knowledge and insight. Would you like us to review your TA? We’ve got you covered. Our mission is to develop and unlock the potential inside each and everyone, allowing you to trade markets with a whole new dimension of confidence.

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Reports by USC Research

We provide regular detailed specific reports on topics such as upcoming ICOs, analysis of blockchain technology developments along with coin-specific reports helping you gain better understanding of fundamentals and macro environments.


Video Education On-Demand

Further expand your knowledge base and skills with intuitive videos and live-streamed video lectures and tutorials providing in-depth explanations on how to implement technical indicators into your daily trading regime.



24/7 Global Support + Q&A

Our decentralized team is strategically positioned over all major timezones to ensure we’re there to provide a first class experience no matter where you are.


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